Wanted: Hegau Uphill King

KOM at the Hegau-Kreuz



During the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships on 25th of June in Singen, a “King of the Mountain” prize will be rewarded. Two times the elite riders can set their time on a Strava segment at the Hegau-Kreuz and the hobby riders of the Hegau Bike Marathon on their 80, 49 or 31 kilometre track will have the chance to compete at the Plören.


It’s brand new and it could have an impact on the race. To go for the Hegau Uphill King in the same time could launch an attack in the fight for the world title. The Strava segment starts at kilometre 15,2 of the 49k lap and ends after 1,3 kilometre at the prominent point Hegau Kreuz, which is a well know viewing point in the volcano landscape.


150 Euro, a trophy and the title of the Hegau Uphill King is rewarded for the best time, which also could be scored in the second lap. This climb is nevertheless one of the points, which is known to split the groups.


The hobby and amateur riders will get their chance as well. For the time will be taken at kilometre 24,7 on the 31 kilometre lap and on 42,7 on the 49 kilometre lap. It’s the feared climb at the Plören. Only 600 meter long, but steep.


“Strava network has developed to an important tool for pro cyclists to compare with normal riders. So we decided to reward these KOM prizes. And it’s an extra of excitement”, explains Stephan Salscheider from the organizing agency SKYDER SPORTPROMOTION.